LifeCasting School of Art | FAQ’S
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What is Life Casting?

Taking a mold of the human form has been a practice for centuries. Taking it to a professional level by learning from a highly experienced individual is the key. Dentists use a fast setting version of molding cream, but as body casters, we use products that have been adapted to a specific purpose. The use of molding creams with a working ability of 3min. is the standard for children’s castings. Once the powder is mixed, (one to two min) we have 60 seconds to place the hand/foot into the creamy pudding before it sets to a soft rubber.

Where do I purchase materials, tools, and supplies?

In studio or online video tutorials provide you with a list of suppliers I use. However, your location will have to be sourced out to provide ongoing inventory.

Major components are molding powder, gypsum, clay, plaster bandage, containers, mixers, conditioners and sculpting tools.

Second option: You may order a “Home Kit” and have it shipped to you.

Will you provide on-going support?

I’m happy to provide support by email, text or an appointed phonecall. We all wish for your success and enjoyment of this craft and the joy it will bring your clients. Additional tutorials will be added should you wish to continue with more advanced castings.

What about marketing and social media assistance?

If you’re unfamiliar with social media marketing, creating a website or facebook page, we can advise on how to get started. There are many free website programs offered and Facebook is essential to promote your work.

Can I order a "home kit" to get started?

Yes, we can put one together and include only the things you wish shipped. A list of companies for purchasing products and tools will be provided. There are no exclusions as we share everything. Feel free to research materials and products in your area.

Studio Workshops

How to book a two, three or five-day workshop with Gabrielle?

Please email me and we can discuss what direction you wish to go. Does your passion drive you to create baby feet and hands as keepsakes in shadow box? (two days) or prenatal casting sculptures – (could be part of the three-day program)

Full body castings require more time and we work on several projects in order to learn various techniques. Studio time is your time.

Do you provide models in the workshop?

Models are either hired or volunteer for castings. We always have babies and moms participate. Models for full body casting are also provided.

How many students in a class?

The workshops are done in my home and are limited to three at one time. We generally start at 9:30 and finish around 5 pm. Lunch is included each day.

I’m also available to book in various cities. Please enquire.

Are there contracts to sign?

One contract to sign. A Non-Disclosure document that states you do not share information on methods taught or products used as it’s private and privileged information.

Can I make money offering this service?

Children’s castings have been consistently profitable as there is always business. Babies never stop being born and the popularity of keepsakes keep going up.

Making your service available to the public is the key to getting business. The more you work at the marketing and provide quality service, the more income. Whether 20,000. a year or full-time to reach 50/60 thousand a year, it’s up to you.

Is the molding cream safe for babies skin?

The product is hypoallergenic and has been used for many, many years. The manufacturer stands behind their product and is similar to what dentist use for impressions in the mouth. This is a seaweed-based product and is very safe for the skin.

Are there age restrictions when casting?

Any age can be cast and a shadow box can be designed for specific projects.

Clients will come to you with individual requests and finding a solution is part of the creative process.

What is the shelf life of the products we use?

The molding powder comes double bagged and as long as it’s kept closed, can last for years. The activation is started when adding liquid.

Can I get samples of frames used in your workshops?

We will provide names of framing companies we use in the Ontario region and provide sample frame styles. You can take sample cuts to a framing company in your area and make arrangements for pricing at that time or work with the company we use.

How much space do I need in my house to offer this service?

This business is ideal for working right out of your kitchen. As your business grows you may wish to allocate a separate room to complete projects.

What timeline do I need to complete a casting order?

A casting for two hands and two feet in a shadow box should ordinarily be about 3 to 6 weeks. This will depend on the arrangement you will make with your client.

It needs time to be dried, refined, painted, prepared for shadow box and then completed. Ordering shadow boxes for delivery will take from three days to a week, depending on who you’re working with.

Do you provide a certificate of completion to your students?

A Certificate of Completion is awarded to everyone completing the workshop or tutorial. You are welcome to frame and post your certificate from

LifeCasting School of Art as proof of your technical skills.

We ask you to place our logo on your website and will post your website on ours to promote you.

Cost of Two Day - Three Day - Five Day Workshops?

Two day – baby hand/foot casting, mother and child hand casting, medallion raised impressions and framing methods and styles are covered. Cost: $2,400.00

A deposit of 1000. will secure your date. Please request an outline.

Cost of Two Day - Three Day - Five Day Workshops?

Two day – baby hand/foot casting, mother and child hand casting, medallion raised impressions and framing methods and styles are covered. Cost: $2,400.00

A deposit of 1000. will secure your date. Please request an outline.

The three-day workshop – covers the above as well as two prenatal casting styles and Family or Group Casting methods. Cost: $3,350.00

Please request an outline.

Five Day Full Body Casting Workshop’s

This workshop is individually designed for your particular need. Full body casting sculptures and head or half torso casting sculptures require specific models and additional products. Please inquire for more details.

Do you recommend nearby hotels or bed and breakfast locations?

Recommendations are available and if given notice, we can pick you up from your hotel.

Do you provide online tutorials?

Video tutorials will provide a personal experience as much as possible. I cover the same things as in my class but am given more time to discuss particular issues you may encounter. Each segment will show a finished project prior to starting. A list of materials, tools you will need, and in what order they will be used. Ongoing support is offered as in-studio workshops. Cost of tutorials will be announced at our launch.

How do we access our online training?

Online tutorials will be launched shortly. A purchase may be made through our website and will be password protected for your use. More details to come.

How do we book and make payment for Studio Workshops?

We can book online with money transfer or credit card.