LifeCasting School of Art | FAQ’s
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We try to answer any questions that you
may have about our classes and workshops
on this page. Please email for any further
questions or book a personal call.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Life Casting

What Is Life Casting

Taking a mold of the human form has been a practice for centuries. The purpose of making a mold impression is to capture a specific moment in time. Whether a child’s hand and foot or body casting, the sculpture is uniquely you.

Studying with a highly experienced individual is the key. Dentists use a fast setting version of molding cream, but as body casters, we use products that have been adapted to a specific purpose. The use of molding creams with a working time of 3min. is the standard for children’s castings. It must be fast acting for comfort of the baby. Additional setting times are used for larger castings.

How much time does it take for the casting?

Depending on the number of casts being prepared, please allow one to one/half hours for the appointment. Baby or children’s hands/feet are cast using a 3 min. colour changing cream. Work must be done quickly before the cream sets to rubber. Clothing may have to be removed or rolled up to avoid getting messy.

Are there choices for frames and finishes for casting sculptures?

A variety of frame colors, mats and finishes for your sculpture will be made available at the time of casting. Personalized designs will be created to suit the type of castings made.

When will I have my finished keepsake?

Please allow three to five weeks to have a completed framed keepsake. Several stages of preparation as well as frame orders are considered. If the sculpture is free standing or on a base, the time may be less.

Chidren’s Casting

How much time should be allocated for my appointment?

The entire appointment will take approximately 90 minutes.

Is the molding cream/pudding safe for children?

The molding is safe for children and is certified hypoallergenic.

How long does the molding impression take?

The molding cream will set to a soft rubber material in 60 seconds.

Classes & Workshops

Do you have a Two Day Workshop?

Yes, we offer 2 day workshops. 

This workshop concentrates on baby hands and feet, adult hand casting, medallion raised impressions and framing options.  Time is spent on problem solving and frame mounting designs, as well as color choices for your sculptures.

What will I learn in a Three Day Workshop?

A detailed outline is available and provided at request.  For more information on our workshops, please vist our Classes page.


How is payment made and when?

Payments are accepted as cash or credit card. Please discuss with your Associate.

Cost for the Three Day Program?

The business workshops are priced according to the number of days taken. 

Three Day Workshop $3350. 

Two Day Workshop $2400. 

Cost of two day workshops include all materials and supplies used during class and include: 25 lb. alginate, 100 lb. gypsum, 20 lb. clay and two frames complete with five layers of mats. 

Cost of three day workshop includes the above and 6 rolls of plaster bandages to create the variety of casting styles.  


Is The Molding Cream Safe For Baby's Skin?

This seaweed based product is gentle and hypoallergenic. Approved for body casting for children and adults.

Are There Age Restrictions for Casting


There aren’t any age restrictions for taking a mold impression. Creating a casting sculpture is dependent on the pose and the length of time a model can hold a pose.

Babies and children are cast quickly within a 60 second timeframe.

Enrolment / Booking

How Do I Book A Casting?

Please contact an Associates or head office to book an appointment. Either in-house or a personal visit will be arranged. Travel cost may be applied. 

Are there any Contracts to sign?

One non-disclosure form to be signed for privacy of information.

How many students in a class?

In house classes will have no more than three at one time to ensure individual attention.  


Will you provide a model for prenatal and baby casting?

Models are local volunteers who will receive their casting for cost.

Can you provide a "Take Home Kit"?

You have two options. We can shop for a take home kit that will include the primary tools to get started (basic starter kit will cost $650.} or we can provide a list with images that you can purchase locally. Please request a  list of what is included in the basic take home kit.


Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

A Certificate of Completion  will be awarded from LCSA upon successful completion. We encourage you to display this proudly as a qualified Life Casting Artist. 

Franchising & Associates

Franchise or Independent Associate?

When taking the Home Business Workshop you will be an Independent Associate of LCSA. We do not franchise and will not limit you to certain designs or styles. An Associate’s creativity is wide open and is not restricted to certain formats and styles. A one time fee for the workshop and a one time fee charged for inclusion on our website are your only costs.

How Much Money Can I expect to Make?

The workshop prepares you to create a variety of casting styles to provide a wide audience and is based on marketing your business and the number of castings you wish to accept. Prices for castings in shadow box keepsakes range from $150. to $350. and with a good margin for profit. Marketing is the key to a successful business. Statistics on childbirth in your area will give you an idea of possibilities. 

eg: three shadow box castings would bring in approximately 6 to 900. dollars per month. 

You will determine how many clients will be booked based on your marketing, lifestyle and family obligations. LCSA will be available to provide advice and will promote you on our website for a one time fee.

Do you have monthly fees?

There are no monthly fees attached to be an Associate.  Be sure to have plenty of casting material and order frames as needed.  No need to stock inventory other than the primary casting materials. 

Will you provide ongoing support?

Support is available for as long as you need. Email or text questions at any time. We will respond as soon as possible.

Do we get a list of wholesalers and suppliers?

A list will be provided in your binder with information on all components of running your business. What companies, where to order, where to purchase additional tools and supplies.