Teaching Mompreneurs how to create a Life Casting Home Business.

Discover a profitable and exciting way to express your creativity from the comfort of your own home through the art of life casting.

Baby feet shadow box

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My name is Gabrielle Fischer and I teach people how to build a home based business selling life casting in baby hands and feet shadowboxes.

As a Mom and an artist, I offer intensive hands on workshops creating a home based life casting business in keepsake memorabilia

More and more Mom’s are searching for a way to make money and have time-freedom for our children and family. We’re looking for a business that satisfies our creative expression and allows us to work with others in the community.

Let me teach you the technical skills and strategies that will give you the confidence to build a creative business.

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Mahvish Mansoor Mississauga, Ontario

LifeCasting School of Art Associate

I had an amazing weekend with you all and learned SOOO MUCH. You have been nothing but wonderful to have us in your home and giving us the best of advice about the business and life in general. You are a true inspiration to us newbies who are just getting their feet wet right now 🙂 I really look up to you in every way possible. I look forward to taking this business forward and depend on you for advice and support in this process.


Just a small sample of what you will learn to sell in your home business...


Home businesses are growing more popular as travel time, flexibility and the rising cost of child care have become so important.  And working outside the home can often be costly and stressful for Mom's.

Not only that, but the lack of family time is sacrificed which is just not an option for Moms any more.

My Home Business opportunity has been developed to provide the technical skills, artistic training and business coaching in an all inclusive training designed to cover every area you need to get started.

Watch the video for a peek at my in-person
home business workshop.


  • ​Full training to become an Independent Associate
  • Casting baby hands & feet using molding cream
  • Create casting impressions using casting stone
  • Predesigned framing formulas and formats
  • Casting free standing sculptures
  • Medallion & raised impression castings
  • A list of wholesalers and suppliers
  • Ongoing support
  • No contracts, no franchise fees
One of the many beautiful ways to share your life casting.

Learning the technical side of making a perfect casting impression is only the first step in presenting a beautiful keepsake to your clients.  My classes go through every step to make your business successful.

What makes this so unique and desirable to our clients, is the emotional value that outshines anything else in the memorabilia range. Photographs are flat images, whereas ours allow the viewer to “touch” and relate to a time and place specific to a person.

Our sculpture castings are historically significant and may be handed down for generations. It’s not a wonder they are so popular.

And that's what makes this business so special.​

Single medallion hand press casting


My in-person workshops and online classes give you all the tools you'll need.​


​"Gabrielle really inspired me and gave me the tools (both figuratively and literally) to launch my own business.  You go home with all the gear you need to get started!  This 2 day workshop will not only provide you with skills, it could change your life...I recommend it highly!"

Randy Cameron

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

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